Wednesday, March 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that just as the words 'reaction' and 'want' are related, so are the words 'response' and 'require'. Consider that integrating the connections between these words brings greater ease, harmony, and awareness of peace into our human experience.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Response. Consider that no one else can really tell us what steps to take from this moment forward. Many can advise - and give useful insight based upon their experience - but in the final analysis, our experience already contains the crystal wisdom required to move us forward in a manner the best serves us. Consider the possibility that our life experience, in each moment, is uniquely tailored to provide us with all the insight we require to confidently take the helm of our own ship - and that one of the greatest ways we may respond to our life is to learn how to read and apply this personal wisdom. Consider the felt-aspect of our intuition as being our compass. Yes, we can ask others what to do - but let this not be a subtle mean of placing responsibility for 'outcomes' upon the shoulders of others.

HEART INTENT: Required. Consider that there is a difference between what we want and what we require. Consider that what we want arises from a charged impulse within the unintegrated patterns of our emotional body and is bent on accumulation - while what we require arises as a quiet vibrational radiance within our heart and is focused on our growth. Consider that attending only to what we want usually leads us into being self-absorbed - while consistently attending to what we require gradually absorbs us into an awareness of our highest potential. Consider that receiving what we want can be fun and wonderful, no doubt, but that aligning ourselves consistently with what we require opens us to vistas that are truly marvelous and magical.