Saturday, February 13, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: The process of authentically forgiving another only commences when we are willing to consider that their hurtful behavior is a reflection of how we are currently behaving toward ourselves.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Relationship. When we choose emotional growth, we allow every relationship to represent an outwardly reflected facet of our primary relationship - being the one we are having with our own heart. Choosing to continue to be with someone who deliberately hurts us has no reward the heart could ever value. The struggle to say "No" to another is often the struggle to say "Yes" to ourselves.

HEART INTENT: Reflection. We can see what we are being in this world by paying close attention to whom we are choosing to be with. The most challenging mirror to gaze into is the one that does not agree with us - yet an honest glimpse into such a place is rewarded with radiant beauty. When it comes to intimate relationships - we seldom settle for anything other than the way we are already treating ourselves. Not getting what we want from another is not the issue - it is the idea that we assumed our being with them was about 'getting' in the first place.