Friday, February 5, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Considering that what we eternally are is only clearly and consistently felt by us when we commit to responding to what we are feeling in any given moment as being valid.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Vibrational. Realizing that even though our experience is always shifting this way and that - there is something about us that always remains unchanged - and that it is therefore in our interest to make a best friend out of whatever this is. Contemplating how differently one behaves towards oneself and others when living as an immortal. Considering that nothing ever goes away - it simply changes into something else.

HEART INTENT: Trust. Realizing that whenever we question the validity of another's experience - it means that we are also undermining our own in this way. Considering that the continual payment of compliments is a camouflaged cry for help from one who is experiencing emotional bankruptcy. Contemplating that when we are able to integrate the truth that, 'we always have enough of what we require right now', then we can relax into the knowing that we always have enough. Remember all those times we fell, and then picked ourselves up again? So what's the problem now?