Wednesday, February 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Asking for assistance to become increasingly sensitive to the daily transmissions of inner guidance which are custom-designed for our specific experience - and for having the wisdom - once consciously receiving these - to live them.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Wisdom. Remembering that there is always a bigger picture than the one we currently perceive, and that the bounty of this greater vision is offered freely to all willing to operate from this 'point of you'. Not fooling ourselves into believing that technology can take us where only the heart may enter. Realizing that judging the ways of the universe according to our current level of intelligence sets us up to fall short of what is possible.

HEART INTENT: Guidance. Reminding ourselves that we are welcome to live in an "ask and receive" universe, not only an "ask and go get" one. Considering that prime intelligence communicates with and to us through all aspects of creation, but that its voice is clearest when we tune into it through the feeling capacity of our heart. Realizing there is no truth greater than what reveals itself as true in any given moment. Opening to perceiving our physical body as being a profound organic transformer capable of receiving transmissions from as yet unseen dimensions.