Wednesday, February 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Is it possible that it is only when we unconditionally receive what we are feeling in this moment upon the tongue of our sacred heart, that we are at the altar as God created it and receiving Holy Communion directly from God's fingers - and that all else is simply make-belief?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Alter. Consider that there is no holier temple than our created physical body, and that there is no mightier altar than our given sacred heart - for when a human heart is truly altered - then everything changes for that human. Why is it we are so willing to bow to altars which do not alter much except the content of other's pockets and the influence of another's organization? Consider that we do not alter our experience of anything by changing it, but by changing the way we are being with it.

HEART INTENT: Communion. It is interesting that the word 'commune' when spoken phonetically says, "Come you in". Is there any greater communion than when we are able to be with ourselves without invalidating the experience we are having? Is it possible that the immensity of the sustained felt-experience accessible through our sexuality holds one of the keys for activating vibrational Holy Communion with God, ourselves, and another - and that anyone placing fear upon or around this experience is purposely or inadvertently blocking this particular doorway?