Tuesday, February 2, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Opening ourselves to receiving whatever dastardly medicine we require to unleash with delirium the vibratory, unbuckled, rambunctious, creative-super-fantastic-being that we already are...or something of the ilk.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Art. Considering that when we perceive all of creation as an intended evolving art form, then only do we open our noggins to the expression, "Thou art in heaven". Taking a moment to appreciate the raving artistic genius behind every manifestation in the natural world - and that we are part of it. Being deeply grateful whenever we meet someone who still makes beautifully crazy things without thinking about what is to be gained financially from their activity.

HEART INTENT: Medicine. Realizing that anything that challenges our 'point of you' is very good medicine indeed. Remembering that a loving hug often accomplishes more than a whole string of well thought-out words. Not being fooled into believing that buying something for someone is the same as 'giving of ourselves'. Remembering that, 'laughter is the medicine we are after'. Accordingly, inviting the universe to make us laugh so hard that our knees buckle, our eyes water, and we wish our bladder wasn't so full.