Saturday, February 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When we honor whatever appears to die, like appreciating a good meal whose plates have been cleared from the table, the mouthfuls of the moments we have swallowed are able to digest with grace and gratitude, and the nutrition received is allowed to birth as life anew.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Death. Death sweeps the dust of a finished matter out of our current awareness, but when we hold on too tightly, we feel like her broom is taking us with her. Death changes this into that and that into this - but when we mistakenly search for ourselves in this or that - we become fearful that death will change us too. Death tucks the things away that keep us from coming home to ourselves - just as life returns them all when we do. Death switches off the light so we may sleep to what is complete, and the one who lingers too long after the party is over always feels sad and alone.

HEART INTENT: Energy. We can feel it, we can think it, we can taste it, we can touch it, we can hear it, we can smell it, we can see it, we can speak it, we can dance it, we can eat it, we can paint it, we can play it, we can breathe it, we can walk on it, we can swim through it, we can fly through it by riding in it, we can cook it and eat it, we can lose it and repeat it, we can freeze it and then heat it, we can defend ourselves from it and then defeat it, we can mould it and then worship it, and we can tuck ourselves in and snuggle to sleep in it. No matter the intricacies of its mysteriously eternal dance, energy is simply infinitely versatile goop that allows consciousness to stick around long enough to become aware of itself.