Thursday, February 25, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: One can wish for no greater friendship than with another who has truly made friends with themselves.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Union. Contemplate that phonetically, this words says, "You in you." Consider that one of the greatest indicators of entering the resonance of union is when we are at peace with the felt-aspect of our ongoing experience - no matter how it feels. What happens when we validate every second of our ongoing experience as being required - and receive it not only as our most precious teaching - but also as the intended palette upon which we illustrate the miracle of life?

HEART INTENT: Friendship. Consider that few accomplishments surpass developing the capacity to be our own best friend. When our lover is also truly our friend, a great journey becomes possible. Take note that the people who genuinely become our longest, dearest, timeless companions upon the road of life, are those who want nothing from or of us. Consider perceiving authentic friendship as a vehicle that extends beyond the borders of this phenomenal world - and that those who are our deepest friends now, have always been so, and will always be so. Remember that we do not have to hold onto a true friend - for our love for them always brings us back together, and in doings so, reminds us that in our heart we can never be separated.