Monday, February 15, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: When I stand in front of you completely comfortable with how I feel about myself, you relax, and we invariably end up laughing about something.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Radiance. How do we know when we are approaching an authentic awareness of what God is? We are increasingly bombarded by the radiance and undulating ripples of innocent laughter. Consider that when we truly encounter and celebrate the radiance of our own innocence, we automatically recognize it in everyone we encounter. A smile can always be faked - because it is simply the appropriate movement of the lips - however the heart-warming feeling radiating from the genuine article cannot.

HEART INTENT: Accomplishment. Consider that being fully accepting of the felt-aspect of our experience is vastly more beneficial than accomplishing clear thinking or physical prowess. When we shift our attention from the nature of our 'falling over' into the mechanisms of our 'arising upward', we naturally become more buoyant. The nature of reality automatically opens the curtains upon its mysterious play the moment we realize we already are - a predicament no accomplishment, or lack thereof, ever alters.