Friday, February 19, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Starting over begins with a change of heart - and if this felt-adjustment is truly accomplished - the rest follows organically - sometimes like a slight shift in the breeze that fortells a change in the weather - and sometimes like the explosive discharge of an errupting, pent-up geyser.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activation. Every moment of every day is a fertile portal into an as yet unseen potential. We diminish our capacity to tap into this eternal well of opportunity by viewing what is currently possible through the eyes of past failure or future fear. This moment is the only place in eternity that harbors the possibility for rebirth. This moment is a well-spring of living water waiting to be consciously tapped - always pregnant with nourishing possibility. And, the plug which releases its bounty is uncapped through feeling. If we can feel the fullness of what we intend rebirthing in this moment - and contain this felt-experience within our heart - we have successfully uncorked its potential.

HEART INTENT: Starting over. Consider that the only place and time to start over is right here, right now. We 'might' start over tomorrow. We 'could have' or 'should have' started over yesterday. Yet? What may make starting over right now appear challenging is we may assume we have to first physically do something - and this may feel too hard - or we may question whether we have the required will power. Or, we may assume we first have to mentally figure something out - and we may not have confidence that we have the necessary intelligence. However, to authentically start anything over requires making a shift at the causal point of our experience of what we seek to rebirth. This means that any rebirth must first take place through transforming where its current condition is anchored as a felt-expression within our heart. Authentic change is activated by first consciously inviting a change in how we feel about what it is we seek to rebirth.