Sunday, February 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that creativity devoid of love is easy to identify, because its consequences are wasteful, selfish, and destructive. Consider that creativity devoid of love simply becomes 'manufacture' - and that any heartless, mindless, soulless machine can accomplish this. Consider that when we behave this way, then this too is what we become.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Creativity. Consider that when we label ourselves as being 'a professional healer', we inadvertently condemn ourselves to living in a broken world and to propagating 'the business of spirituality'. If we are currently using this label - are we willing to evolve beyond it? Consider that what God truly is cannot be broken, injured, or mortally wounded, and therefore that which is 'manifest in The Image' requires no healing. So what is it we are actually healing when we declare, 'we are healing'? Consider that our destiny is to become God-like - to become 'as creators' - not to become 'as full time fixers of others'. Is it therefore possible to view the experience we call 'healing' as a temporary integration point through which we awaken from our experience of sheepishness into self-shepardary? Is it possible healing is simply a temporary interaction we are having with our evolving experience, as opposed to an ongoing occupation with what we are?

HEART INTENT: Flexibility. Consider that the part of us that will not bend to fresh insight - to the spontaneous calling of the moment - is the part of us that currently offers the greatest break-through. Consider that when we break-up with someone [or with ourselves]- we are simply dismantling a calcified circumstance that is inhibiting our ongoing elevation. Consider that our '5-year-plans' are simply fearful mental blueprints designed to reactively program our tomorrows according to the unresolved impact of our yesterdays. Is it possible that the present moment contains everything we require to consciously and creatively navigate our experience, and that the radiating of endless, spontaneous creativity is simply the tapping into an eternally available fountain that effortlessly springs from our trusting in this?