Wednesday, February 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: There are few experiences as uplifting as resolving of what heavies' the heart.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Elevation. No one has to tell us what lifts our spirits and what brings them down - just as there are few who can explain why we often behave as if we are the only one on earth who doesn't possess and act upon this insight. The most exciting elevation comes from strapping on rocket boosters and conveniently forgetting that what is forcefully blasted upward must at some point plummet downward. The most rewarding and reliable elevation is through a consistently applied, quiet, solitary routine [route in]. This however requires ongoing undisplayed sacrifice.

HEART INTENT: Sacrifice. It is often the case that being willing to truly let go of what we think we most want is the most accelerated way to receiving what we absolutely require. Sacrifice does not mean anything unless what we are sacrificing really means something to us. Staying present requires continually sacrificing our stories about the past and the future for the love of the living adventure taking place in this moment. It is likely that life is simply a journey in which we gradually have to sacrifice everything we think we possess until we are possessed only by love.