Tuesday, February 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: If we are silent enough, still enough, willing enough, and vulnerable enough, we can feel the existence of a majestic, eternal kingdom, in which radiant immortals peer upon our manufactured world as if standing around a pool watching fish.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Untamed. What if the part of ourselves that we know - the part of us that is tailored to fit neatly into our societal environment - is merely an artificially manufactured appendage - like a stick used by a blind person? Try for a moment to feel if there is something else to our reality - something currently hidden - like a misplaced item we do not even realize is missing - something magical that our world has been living without for thousands of years? What if recovering this magical awareness requires only our feeling of it - coupled with our willingness to believe that what we feel is real?

HEART INTENT: Revelation. If we were offered the awareness of a revelation so vast that it would completely shatter all our currently held historical, spiritual, religious, societal, political, and economic truths - would we be open to receiving it? What if everything we have been told about the history of humanity is a masterfully manufactured ruse that keeps us from rediscovering our true capacity? What if our current human experience is like that of staged strangers dancing with each other at a masked ball, and that the mask we wear is whatever religious belief system we are born into? Are we prepared to take off our mask so we can see and reacquaint ourselves - or do we prefer the reality born of cardboard, fluff, glue and glitter?