Sunday, February 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Only when we learn to recognize and retire the pirate within ourselves can we take down the corporate logo that is our skull and crossbones flag, wade to shore through the tumultuous waves of our own emotional autopsy, and find a quiet place to rest in peace upon the tranquil shady shores of a loving motherland.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Contentment. Consider the essential difference between the indigenous earth-honoring consciousness and our modernized, capitalist mentality: the former display a lifestyle that radiates the words 'thank you' and 'enough', whereas the latter behave like fallen angels hovering hungrily around a bottomless goldmine shaft. When we do not know the meaning of the word 'enough', we cannot know the meaning of the expression 'thank you', and then no matter in what fancy modern attire we camouflage ourselves, we remain heartless headhunters - invaders who justify rape and pillage as a means to get ahead.

HEART INTENT: Amend. Amend is a impactful word - it contains the words 'mend', 'end', and 'Amen'. Consider that we each are the eyes and ears of God, born into this particular moment with great purpose, here to track down the trails of heartless manipulation that lead only to torment and horror. Yet, this divine hunt simply becomes more Hollywood unless it takes place within the cavities, chambers, and passageways of our own heart-space. To claim to see ourselves as we truly are, without first recognizing and amending the manner of our own ongoing manipulation of everything around us, is to see only a projected spiritual fantasy. Consider that it is only through honestly recognizing the wild, restless, beast, rampaging within, and gently calming and integrating it through unconditional awareness, that anything is truly amended. Amen.