Thursday, February 4, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing that the smallest of rivers does not have to hold onto anything to move forward, and yet, in time, everything it touches eventually comes with it.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Flow. Considering that the word 'flow' is the beginning of the word 'flower'. Contemplating that water is simultaneously one of the most powerful forces upon the planet, and also the most willing to go where there is least resistance. Realizing that 'feeling our way through' and 'flowing our way through' are the same, and that 'flowing' and 'allowing' are first cousins. Admitting that often the choice is between being right, or being at peace, and that the harder one is the higher road.

HEART INTENT: Harmony. Considering that awakening into a personal experience of living in harmony with others arises partly from our intent to apply felt-discernment. Inviting ourselves to first acknowledge what we have in common with those who appear disruptive toward us, before we place our attention upon our apparent differences. Realizing that the energies which appear to relish in dividing us only behave this way because they have no personal awareness of the one unified source that provides for us all. Seeing if we can whistle the tune Ebony and Ivory the next time we feel annoyed with anyone.