Friday, February 26, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: What if we realize that from this point onward, individually, we truly have the heart-felt capacity to inspire a different outcome to the one many still collectively assume we are all are head-ing for?

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Activity. Consider that there are two sides to all our worldly activity - the trinity of causality - silence, stillness, and invisibility, and the trinity of manifestation - noise, movement, and appearance. Now, consider that there are also these two sides to our human presence in this world - the trinity of our causality, and the trinity of our manifestation. Consider that the part of us that is manifest is what we perceive through the five senses of the body - and that the part of us which is causal we perceive through the sixth sense - the felt-capacity of the heart. If this is possibly true - how do we shift the reality of any assumed outcome?

HEART INTENT: Inventiveness. Infinity being what it is means there is always [all ways] a different way to approach anything we are currently involved in. Funny how we tend to settle upon one way and convince ourselves 'this is it', and that we are even willing to go to war to defend 'our way'. Is it possible that our belligerent defense of what we think is right and true arises simply from 'being one-sided'? And, could it be that 'being one-sided' about anything is simply a symptom of our inability to perceive and consciously engage with the common causality of all that is manifest? Consider that by percetually transforming 'always' into 'all ways' we unhinge any assumed outcome and open a magical doorway into unlimited possibility. Is there a possibility that always feeling is the magical opening to feeling all ways?