Tuesday, February 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Committing to doing any vibrational practice consistently - every day - no matter what [no matter what materializes within that day] - is the key to the door that unlocks the illuminated realization of what we are - and of what we are not. Consistency is the key. It is the taking of a routine and endowing it with the power to be as a 'route in'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Consistency. Consider that the word 'consistency' phonetically contains the phrase, "consist in see" - which is another way of saying, "contains insight" - which is another way of saying, "see what it contains". The causal cycles of our universe are consistent. The mechanisms of the heavens do not take holidays, or breaks, or time-outs. They are consistent. They continue no matter what as a way of revealing the most profound secret: that what drives them is superior to the matter in which these cycles are consistently reflected. Authentic consistency deletes the word 'until' from our vocabulary.

ILLUMINATION: Illumination. Consider that essentially what we are is 'illumination', and that our seeking for ourselves - or for 'the truth' - is simply a search for the light switch. Yet, we spend our time trying to figure out if this light switch is more superior to that light switch. We debate which light switch is the true one, and which is the misleading one. "Is this light switch the appropriate color and shape, and is it located at the right position on the wall?" we ask. Yet, none of this comparative noise accomplishes anything. For all we are required to do is reach inward and flick the switch through what has already presented itself. Our route in has already presented itself. And, the illumination is already here - as us - we do not have to make that part of it happen. We are simply required to participate in revealing the glory of our majesty. 'Consistency' - the 'no matter what' principle - is the flicking of the light switch.