Saturday, February 6, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Remembering that sometimes there is no greater power than having the courage to hold our tongue when it is obvious that no amount of words will make the slightest difference.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Trusting in our choices when the whole world is telling us otherwise. Not getting ourselves into debt just so we can get what we want just because we want it now. Realizing that if we never stand for something, we are likely to fall for anything. Staying present and fully aware while experiencing a deeply uncomfortable emotional state - without resorting to telling a story about it or projecting our felt-discomfort outwardly through reactive behavior.

HEART INTENT: Courage. Allowing someone we love to have their own experience even when it is possible they may hurt themselves. Still being willing to change our course of action in the midst of realizing we are making the wrong choice, even when we have already verbally committed ourselves. Allowing in, and being fully present with, our deepest fears, so we may integrate them by embracing them lovingly with our unconditional attention. Laughing at ourselves when we get too serious. Seriously, just laugh about it.