Monday, February 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing that when personally-felt peace is the causal point of our thoughts, words, and deeds, that the ongoing felt-resonance of personal peacefulness is an automatic consequence for us, and that encountering this felt-resonance of personal peacefulness then also becomes a heightened possibility for all with whom we interact.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integrity. Considering that how we feel about anyone or anything is the causal point of the quality of our relationship with them - and that because no other can feel on our behalf - we alone are responsible for how we feel about anyone or anything. Realizing that 'maintaining our integrity' has nothing to do with aligning ourselves with some mentally pre-determined behavioral pattern - but rather with a moment-to-moment willingness to be aware of, and to take full responsibility for, the felt-consequences of our thoughts, words, and deeds.

HEART INTENT: Peace. Remembering that, in any given moment, feeling peaceful is a personal choice. Realizing that peacefulness - when transmitted to another through thought, word or action - has no lasting resonance unless it is already firmly anchored as a felt-experience within the heart of the transmitter. Remembering that actions truly sourced in felt-peacefulness have no desired outcome other than unconditionally sharing the resonance of felt-peacefulness. Considering that there is no peace in the world other than that which we feel right now in our own heart.

NOTE: Today we enter a magical time portal of peaceful possibility which remains open for 10 days - until Wednesday 10th. It may be characterized as: an extremely fertile period for seeding a personally felt awareness of what peace really is into our moment-to-moment experience. While traversing this portal, we are all equally vulnerable to the successful planting of felt-peacefulness into the core of our personal experience. The choice is ours.