Thursday, February 18, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: A master is one who has received a vision so vast that there is no valid pathway open to them other than to forever remain a student.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Mastership. The deepest level of mastership is born from embracing the attitude that we are at all times at the helm of our own mothership - regardless of whether this is true or not. Any form of outer worship - if not at some point consciously shed like an old skin - inevitably short-circuits the integrity of inner mastership - and instead manifests outwardly as some form of warship. A resonance of mastership arises when continually being willing to take the first step in a direction no one appears to have walked - even if it leads nowhere.

HEART INTENT: Visioning. When we set upon activity with the intent to have things be the way they once were - we are dreaming - but when we set upon activity that inspires us to discover as yet unexplored dimensions of the way things really are - we are visioning. The most efficient way to anchor a vision is to feel it physically within our body-vehicle - and then to repeatedly call it into manifestation by consistently exploring the textures of this felt-sensation. The trick to staying immune to the virus of complacency is to remember that no matter how awesome and all-encompassing any vision is in the moment of its revelation - there is always more - and there always will be.