Tuesday, April 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider life as an experience in which 'being' becomes manifest as 'a being'. Consider 'awakening' simply as the process in which 'a being' remembers itself as being 'being' while still being 'a being'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Manifesting. Consider how intimately the ongoing manifestation of our experience is connected to our observing it.

HEART INTENT: Observing. Consider that the energetic radiation fueling our capacity to observe is what we call 'being'. Consider that as soon as we tell a story about what our observations manifest, we automatically switch from being 'being observing' to perceiving ourselves as 'a being observing'. Consider that through our stories we then also turn that which endows us with the capacity to observe and manifest into the image of 'a being', as opposed to simply being 'being'. Consider that being alive is the gift of being able to continuously slip between 'being' and 'being a being', and that there is a great love affair going on between the two 'points of you'.