Saturday, April 24, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that as the structures of our fearful time-based manifestations continue to dissolve in the storms of transition and transformation, the present moment offers itself as a loving harbor.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: The Present Moment. Consider the present moment as being a portal which connects everything happening around and through us to everything we are. Consider how what is unfolding in the present moment connects the reality of the temporary time-based experience - of past events and potential future consequences - to the permanence of 'the now' - the empty, silent, and still void out of which all creation emanates. Consider that while 'alive' we live continually in this present moment portal - though we may spend most of our life experience completely unaware that we do. Consider that our thinking can take us into dream states that appear real - and that we can then inhabit these dreams to the point we become completely oblivious of where and what we actually are. Consider that the blessing of the human body is that its activities are permanently anchored within the present moment portal. Consider how we can therefore use it as a means to navigate our way out of our mental dream state so we may return to what and where we really are. Consider the possibility that uncomfortable bodily symptoms are a mechanism used by the physical body to alert us that our awareness has strayed too far from the present moment portal. Consider that spending just 15 minutes twice a day holding our awareness within the present moment portal has a more beneficial causal impact upon our experience than months of thinking, analysis, and discussion - or any other attempt to mentally understand what can only be realized through direct experience.

HEART INTENT: Navigation. Consider ourselves to be pilots flying through the space-time continuum - time travelers, if you will. Consider our physical body as being our vehicle - our mental body as being our navigational apparatus - our emotional body as being our fuel source - and our vibrational body as being the pilot. Consider that most of us do not even switch our vehicle on. Consider that instead of consciously traveling anywhere in it, we instead use it to make money, to impress our neighbors, as a pleasure-palace for instant gratification, as a platform for watching other's experiences, as a financial support system and test-run-laboratory for the development of heartless chemicals and technologies, as a mannequin to sell fabric, as a breeding device for a labor force, as a mechanism for providing emotional content to those who cannot manufacture their own fuel, as disposable fodder for the wars of the completely insane, as a life-support system for television sets, and as a storage system for masses of completely useless information. Consider that our time machine only works efficiently at a particular frequency. Consider that frequency and 'frequent see' are the same. Consider that unless we consciously navigate our awareness toward and into the unified experience now being made possible for all through the portal of the present moment - we may inadvertently wake up and discover ourselves permanently docked in the madness of the fragmented reality currently being most frequently transmitted.