Tuesday, April 6, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the threads of forgiveness and loyalty as intimates in the tapestry of love.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Forgiveness. Consider that there is essentially only self-forgiveness. Consider that we now live in an age in which untold dimensions of past, unintegrated human experience surface for compassionate integration. Consider that for the most part we perceive this unfolding as 'the damming deeds perpetrated by others'. Consider that everything we currently observe in the world that causes us concern is ours to forgive within ourselves because we are the one currently being impacted by it. Consider that we do not have to analyze how any troubling event relates to us - that we do not have to identify 'the when and where' of this behavior within ourselves. Consider that for authentic self-forgiveness to commence only requires we be with it as unconditionally as possible because we feel a connection to it. Consider that it is our felt-connection to any currently unfolding event in the world that is both an indicator of our energetic ties to it, and of our current point of responsibility in participating in integrating it. Consider that forgiveness commences authentically when we ascertain where any outer event impacts us on a level of felt-perception, and then when we agree inwardly to be with these sensations without condition - without telling further stories about them or entering projected physical behaviors because of them. Consider that in this light the world stage then becomes as a banquet of possibility for accomplishing a vast magnitude of ongoing ''self-forgiveness.

HEART INTENT: Loyalty. Consider that our axis of loyalty is in honoring our personal unfolding experience as being the most current reflection from which we receive our most valid teachings and insights. Consider that these experiential reflections reveal themselves to us through the trinity of our felt-experiences, thought forms, and physical circumstances. Consider that we read our experiences by unconditionally watching our physical circumstances, monitoring teh chatter of our thought forms, and feeling all sensation and emotional vibration as compassionately as possible. Consider that by being loyal toward these personally generated experiential manifestations as if they are our most current and valid teachings empowers us to continually respond to them, whereas engaging them as if they are not supposed to be happening provokes only reactivity. Consider that through responding to them unconditionally we consequently receive the insight that enables us to navigate our human experience peacefully within the flow of the whole, whereas reactivity disconnects us from the flow and instead provokes a fragmented, conflicting, and chaotic perception. Consider that it is only when we intend loyalty toward the unfolding resonance of our own experience as being our sacred teaching that we have the capacity to radiate an authentic level of loyalty toward another, regardless of the experience they currently manifest.