Saturday, April 10, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that although we are now fast entering the vibrational portal collectively, that the quality of the way we navigate through it always remains personal, and is determined solely upon whether we react or respond to our own felt-experience of what is unfolding in each moment.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Vibrational. Consider that the manifesting flow from within the vibrational into and as our world experience first emerges as 'energies in motion' which we recognize and felt-states within our emotional body, which are then discerned into thought forms and visualized representations through our mental capacities, finally manifesting in form as tangible material events and circumstances we are able to engage sensationally. Consider that whatever imprinted patterns we contain within our emotional body therefore act as an energetic filter for this vibrational emergence - as a blueprint - and so pre-determine our perceived mental and physical emanations of its manifestation within our experience. Consider therefore that our entire world experience is a projection of the vibrational - that there exists nothing but the vibrational - but that how we personally perceive it is completely dependent upon the current energetic makeup of our emotional body. Consider that in this light, every human being is right now enveloped within the same shared emanating vibrational causality - that every human being on this planet is therefore having the exact same experience - one that only appears different to the individual due to the ongoing selective filtering of their personal emotional blueprint.

HEART INTENT: Portal. Consider that our entire human family, including the planet we live upon and all its other inhabitants, is fast approaching entry into a vast vibrational portal. Consider that this is not a portal as is communicated through the imagery of Hollywood special effects. Consider that our approach to the portal is experienced personally as our awareness reversing its direction along the vibrational flow of manifestation into the world as described above. Consider that it is therefore experienced by us as a movement of our awareness from within our physical world experience, through our mental condition, through the energetic make-up of our emotional blueprint, finally to seat itself within the radiance of our vibrational causality. Consider that there is no 'outer ring of light' or 'hole in the sky' that we are going to move through, but rather that we are the portal, and that our movement through it is experienced as a movement unfolding within ourselves. Consider that as we experience this inner movement, our outer world experience simultaneously reflects it - and that the way we perceive this refelction is as an ongoing outer projection of the current condition of our emotional blueprint. Consider therefore that we are naive to expect to see the portal as 'angelic beings standing on each side of some lighted doorway beckoning us in with hymns and praises'. Consider that until we consciously integrate the imprinted condition of our emotional body, what we see and experience as this portal doorway fast approaches is a felt mental and physical manifestation of our unresolved states of fear, anger, and grief. Consider that the increasing magnitude of chaos we perceive now escalating in the world is a consequence of our collective speeding up toward this portal doorway and the consequent collective mirroring of all the unintegrated emotional patterns of humanity. Consider that our witnessing of a collective escalation of fearful, angry, and grieving scenarios upon the planet is now unavoidable - however, that our participating in and with these individually is optional. Consider that our current relationship with our imprinted emotional condition - whether it be conscious or not - directly determines the quality of the approach we now make toward, into, and through the portal of our current evolutionary shift.