Monday, April 12, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the inspiring power that arises when we are brave enough to hold a vision of possibility, not probability.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Power. Consider that when we are emotionally upset by anything it is because an unintegrated memory of past trauma is being triggered. Consider that the moment this triggering occurs we reflexively enter altered states of reactive consciousness - reactive states we have labeled fear, anger, and grief. Consider that most of us only regain an authentic state of functioning once these altered states pass - and then are often ashamed or regretful as to how we conducted ourselves whilst impacted by them. Consider the power inherent in remaining aware that we are in an altered reactive state while moving through the resonances of these surfacing unintegrated memories. Consider that this in no way stops or changes the experience we are moving through - however - it does transform our interaction with it from reflexive reactivity to considered response. Consider that in this day and age maintaining empowering awareness whilst traversing altered states is a prized art form worth exercising.

HEART INTENT: Inspiration. Consider that how we engage our experiences is modeled for us by those around us throughout our childhood. Consider that through their example they inspire us to behave the way we do. Consider that the reflex that we are to react negatively when the events of life do to not go 'our way' is one of the behaviors we unconsciously incorporate through this type of inspiriation. Consider how, when we do not know where someone else is, or why they have not shown up as arranged, we just about always assume the worst. Consider how, when faced with any sudden uncertainty, we assume the worst without even considering alternate possibilities. Consider that those most inspirational right now are those who hold visionary awareness throughout the transformative times in which we live - those prepared to embrace the possibility that: 'the current spin cycle does not mean we are all spinning out' - but rather that 'the current spin cycle means we are finally rinsing out the deliberately surfacing traumas of the past so that we may emerge from this experience a species cleansed beyond belief'.