Monday, April 5, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we are born naked so we may choose what type of clothing we would like to wear. Consider that if we are all meant to dress the same way, a set uniform would be incorporated into the design. Consider our daily choice of clothing as a metaphoric declaration of our either bowing to the allegiance of another's agenda, or our dancing freely within the radiance of our created uniqueness.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Unity. Consider that authentic unity does not come about through one group or individual organizing everyone else with imposed law, regulation, or elected leadership. Consider that while we navigate our individual experience by following the imposed dictates of others - by blindly following anything or anyone - instead of listening to the song of our own heart - we miss out on the majesty of tapping into and contributing our unique peace to the puzzle. Consider that authentic unity is only possible when each individual tunes into their own divine inner connection with our shared causality. Consider that the consequence of everyone tuning individually into their connection with our shared causality, and taking their direction directly from our one common source, means everyone may live freely, manifest lives of superb uniqueness, and simultaneously still be flowing in harmony with the great orchestration of all life. Consider that authentic unity is only possible when everyone is encouraged and supported in manifesting their causally created uniqueness. Consider the manifestation of authentic unity the consequence of fully awakened and encouraged personal responsibility.

HEART INTENT: Offering. Consider that only when we learn how to individually and consistently tap into our common causality, and to then express creatively in the world what we personally receive through this divine connection, are we able to offer life the promised gift of our being here. Consider that while we live lives whose intent is governed by fulfilling the wants of others, we are denying ourselves the experience of fully fruiting into the unique creations we all are. Consider that we may live a whole life performing great and worthy deeds, and yet still arrive at the end of it to discover we did not bring our unique offering to the banquet of experience. Consider that each individual born into this world comes with a very specific offering, a unique color within the spectrum of the love-light, and that only when we listen intimately to the song of our own heart is this color shone brightly. Consider that our unique color radiates through every facet of our life experience the moment we validate the voice of our heart as being a direct dialogue with whatever God is for us. Consider that our unique offering to the world manifests through listening inwardly, not obeying outwardly.