Saturday, May 1, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: While many in the world may assume the 2012 portal is a moment in which something terrible happens to us, let us consider the possibility that it is actually a pre-determined moment upon our current timeline - like an upcoming universal live concert - in which we are invited to consciously broadcast what is most glorious about our humanity. Consider this as something that happens through us - not to us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Celebration. When we place our felt-awareness upon 22 December 2012 - how do we envision our experience? Are we hiding in a bunker or are we dancing to the most ecstatic live performance we have ever experienced? Are we contracted and trembling or are we openly vibrating? Are we mourning or are we celebrating?

HEART INTENT: Communion. Consider the possibility of a common heart-experience being triggered within every human that unifies our awareness in such a sacred way that the idea of having borders between countries becomes humorously ridiculous. What would such a communion event feel like within our own heart? Are we open to receiving this? Are we willing to contain such a possibility?