Wednesday, April 14, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the long-term benefits of installing the ceremony of first fully digesting any personally received insight until it weaves its resonance into our moment-to-moment behavior before selling it cheaply to another for the price of gaining momentary attention.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ceremony. Consider that one of the primary intents of ceremony is to invite us into feeling as connected as possible with every facet of the life we are living. Consider that when we describe any experience we encounter as being 'magical' or 'mystical' or 'spiritual' or 'shamanic', it is because of a particular dimension of feeling it awakens within us. It feels different to our mundane experience. Consider that when the primary focus of our moment to moment experience becomes to feel our encounters as deeply as possible - then we automatically invite ourselves to live our life as an ongoing ceremony.

HEART INTENT: Insight. Consider that whenever we receive an insight that impacts us powerfully, in a manner that is life-changing, that the resonance of this impact is most prominent in how it causes us to feel. Consider that when we do not realize this, we may inadvertantly ride this insight into avenues of mental understanding, by thinking deeply about what it means, etc. Consider that this is likely the point at which the resonance of the insightful moment collapses into a diluted form. Consider that this is why we may feel we have lost the mojo of an insight when explaining it to another - because although the mental understanding we gain from any insight may easily be communicated - the felt-impact of initially receiving it seldom can. Consider that when we trade the gradual digestion process of first drinking deeply of the felt-impact of any insight for the instant gratification of communicating a mental understanding of it to another - we inadvertently evaporate its significance within our lives.