Tuesday, April 20, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that we do not have to tense up and become fearful every time we are birthed into a new or unfamiliar experience.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Structure. Consider that there are still many secrets within the human vehicle which remain hidden from the scalpel and microscope. Consider that possibility that the human body contains energetic circuitry that may be switched on and off depending upon what stimuli it is exposed to. Consider the possibility that much of our human vehicle's circuitry currently remains in the 'off' position. Consider that an adjustment in this condition is now being initiated through transmissions from celestial bodies like our beautiful, radiant, and intelligent sun. Consider that as the sun has the capacity to deliberately trigger and facilitate the occurrence of very specific planetary shifts through volcanoes, earthquakes, and rainfall patterns - so too does it have the capacity to deliberately activate as yet unused circuitry within the vehicular structure of individual human beings. Consider the sun as a parental structure deliberately facilitating a precisely-timed birthing of evolutionary shifts within the human paradigm - a bit like the heat in the oven which bakes the cookies.

HEART INTENT: Birthing. It is likely that if a child saw a woman giving birth in a conventional hospital environment, it would appear to the child as if something terrible is happening. Consider that there are methods of approaching birthing very different to what we have been fearfully conditioned to accept as appropriate and necessary. Consider that birthing is natural - not something fearful and dangerous - and that if women are allowed to remember and explore other ways of approaching this experience - the actual moment of birthing may be joyful and sensually pleasing - as opposed to fearful and painful. Consider that we, as divine children of the universe, are currently in the midst of 'a birthing experience'. Consider that part of our current discomfort may be that our approach to this birthing experience is from a fearful point of view - as opposed to embracing each unexpected part of it as a natural step in the evolution of our experience. Consider that humans do not have to move through this current tranformational portal all tensed up, fearful, and screaming - that there is possibly another way of birthing our conscious entry into manifesting the experience of living from causal awareness. Consider every now and then taking a deep, full breath - and then relaxing.