Wednesday, April 21, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when we authentically express ourselves from the point of what really moves us, the whole world moves through us.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Expression. Consider that we are not here to get something, but rather 'to express the reality of something while here'. Consider that if we were indeed here to get something, there would be roof racks on hearses. Consider that it is only when we fully express what we truly are while moving through this world that we live on purpose. Consider that realizing what we are, and becoming open to an uncensored expression of this, is not accomplished by serving the agendas of others or of the world, but by consciously entering our own felt-heart-space, and through this intimate encounter, becoming aware of what it is that really moves us.

HEART INTENT: The Now. Consider that there is a subtle but very significant difference between 'the present moment' and 'the now'. Consider that the present moment is part of the current timeline we are on - a timeline which is continually connected to both a past and a future. Consider 'the present moment' as an unfolding experiential time-space continuum that anchors our expression as participants of this world. The present moment is where we currently are on this timeline - not where we think we are or where we would like to be. Consider that our current anchoring into the present moment is what causes us to still be here in this world when we wake up in the morning. Consider that fully entering an awareness of the present moment is also the required portal into our consistently being connected to an awareness of 'the now'.

Consider that 'the now' is not on any timeline - it knows no time, no past or future - it exists outside of the mechanisms of time and space and therefore of the events of this world. Consider that 'the now' may be experienced while in this world, but is an experience elevating us completely beyond the existence of it. Whereas the present moment is always changing according to where it is unfolding on the current timeline, 'the now' remains unchanged and immune to any time-based impact.

Consider that many mistakenly attempt to directly enter an awareness of 'the now' as a means to escape or avoid what is happening in 'the present moment'. Consider that the consequence of using 'the now' as an escape from living fully in this present moment is the eventual surfacing of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that reflect what is still currently unintegrated within that individual.

Consider that entering an awareness of 'the now' unfolds naturally and organically when we consciously and consistently enter present moment awareness by integrating the emotional imprinting which keeps us unconsciously anchored in the past events or future projections of our current timeline. Consider that entering an awareness of 'the now' is only beneficial and sustainable when accomplished through facing the moment to moment reality of our capacity to express ourselves authentcially in 'the present moment'.

Consider this - 'the present moment' is the point at which our expression manifests in this creation - 'the now' is the ultimate causality out of which this expression continually emanates.