Monday, May 31, 2010


We are fascinated by prophecy. One of the challenges about communicating visions from within one Age to another not yet come, or receiving visions from a past Age for the one we are now in, is language. If we take the language too literally we may sometimes miss the obvious. We are told somewhere for example that when we approach our point of evolution - the make or break moment for our species - that we shall see 'lights in the sky'. I wonder if this points to the possible increasing pulse of The Northern Lights from solar activity as we now head toward what is predicted to be an unprecedented solar maximum peaking in 2012. It is likely we shall see The Northern Lights stretching way beyond their normal territories, especially if we have the type of solar activity NASA has predicted. This will surely light up our skies. I wonder too about the prophecy somewhere that 'the seas will turn to blood'. I wonder about this as I look at the TV images of the color of the oil-covered ocean in The Gulf.

I wonder if I can recognize the signs within my own personal experience - and if I have the will and capacity to respond by getting my own Temple in order.