Wednesday, April 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that when the willingness to integrate every aspect of our experience becomes a barometer for our ‘being on track’, we discover that the straight and narrow is a long and winding road.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Integration. Consider that the appropriate pathway for us in any given moment is the approach which most efficiently assists us in integrating whatever is happening through us in any given moment. Consider that as no specific pre-determined integrative approach is valid for every given moment – that our willingness to continually remain vulnerable to the requirements of present moment is possibly the only valid approach. Consider the experience of integration – the embrace of our physical, mental, and emotional experience into the wholeness of our vibrational being – to be the elixir of any living pathway. Consider also that because integration is a vital, living, felt-elixir – like an orgasm or laughter - that it only takes place in the present moment.

HEART INTENT: Pathway. Consider the present moment to be in itself a living pathway. Consider that we may choose a pre-determined pathway already complete with set mental rules, codes, and physical disciplines, but that to remain obedient to such a pre-determined pathway, we would then often have to ignore or overlook the actual requirements of the moment we are in. Consider that the requirements of the moment honor the moment – not any mentally pre-conceived ideas about the moment. Consider that mental rules, codes, and physical disciplines are only of value when they are designed to navigate us into present moment awareness – but once within this living resonance – our moment to moment life experience itself takes over as our point of navigation. Consider that while we live in the mental plane, only a selected portion of our life experience appears valid as constituting ‘our pathway’ – however - once entering present moment awareness – all of our life experience becomes as teacher and teaching.