Friday, April 30, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that our ascension isn't anything we have to make happen - that rather it is something we are to participate in through our consciously allowing it to unfold - that it is as natural and organic as a flower blooming - and that our point of mastery is accomplished through our willingness to consciously receive this gift of grace without interference.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Ascension. Consider that every moment in our life - and every event in each moment - is deliberately unfolding with intent to bring us as present as possible with our highest potential. Consider that even though this may not always appear to be the case - that we do not have to recognize this to be so to fully participate. Consider that doing our best in each moment to respond to whatever is unfolding is our only required point of participation. Consider that allowing ourselves to feel what is happening to us as deeply as possible - without going into any stories about what we are feeling and why - is all that is required to self-facilitate efficient integration of our shift into our highest potential within any given moment.

HEART INTENT: Mastery. Consider that we are now fast entering the age of personal mastery. Consider that the causality of mastery is determined by our capacity to consciously ride the energetic radiance of the vibrational transmissions now washing through the emotional, mental, and physical expressions of our experience. Consider that when we consciously respond to the felt aspect of our experience - by allowing it to be as it is revealing itself to us - that the mental and physical aspects automatically become aligned with this response.