Sunday, January 31, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing there is no authentic evolution until we accept that whatever transgressions we accuse others of only show up on our perceptual radar screen because they reflect what we are in some way currently doing unto ourselves.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Duality. Realizing that when we honor our own darkness in a healthy manner, it returns the favor in enlightening ways. Celebrating the experience of space and time created by having a here and there, a this and that, and a now and then. Inviting any part of ourselves that has no way to express itself in the world to have a safe home within our heart. Allowing others to sometimes act a little crazy without it leaving any lasting negative impression upon the way we feel about them.

HEART INTENT: Perception. Remembering to consult our felt-perception whenever waivering between challenging options. Spending a few moments looking at something beautiful without speaking at it with our thinking. Realizing that not everything has to make sense for it to be valid. Trusting in our instinctual capacity to know what is appropriate for our current journey, and what is not. Being willing to perceive a troubling situation in an unexpectedly, pleasing, new light. Considering that felt-perception is our 6th sense.