Friday, January 29, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Inviting in experiential evidence that something or somebody that appears to be stuck begins to move willingly when simply allowed to be.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Regeneration. Remembering a moment in our past in which we felt trapped in a state of deep discomfort - and acknowledging how our situation since then has changed to such an extent that there is now no evidence of that predicament. Noticing how willingly a neglected plant responds to our gentle care and loving attention. Witnessing how radiating our full unconditional attention upon another invites them into greater presence and partcipation.

HEART INTENT: Rest. Remembering that some of the most evolutionary insights have awoken within an inventor's awareness when napping on the couch. Giving the world permission to carry on without us for a few minutes and seeing that everything doesn't actually come crashing to a juddering halt. Realizing that when we are fully present we experience a calm stillness even in the midst of the most chaotic activity. Being willing to consider that if there is something we currently cannot figure out - that maybe we are not supposed to be trying to. Feeling at peace about our current arrangement of being contained within a physical body.