Thursday, January 28, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Realizing that 'turning over a new leaf' often entails allowing that leaf to drop to the ground so that it may decompose and become fertilizer for new growth.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Cycles. Embracing the shift within any aspect of our experience as being a change upon the expression on God's face. Not expecting our experience of anyone to remain the same - and if it does - considering that we are the one holding our perception of them fast to the past. Remembering that when we feel as if we are 'spinning out' - that the spin cycle is deliberately designed to extract all the dirty water so we may be rinsed into wash-completion.

HEART INTENT: Movement. Honoring and celebrating movement as one of the key ingredients that enables all experience to manifest. Remembering that change is movement and movement is change - and that extinction is usually the consequence of resisting one or the other. Realizing that whenever life moves us to tears, we are being flushed clean of stagnant waters. Recalling a moment in which we were moved into gut-wrenching laughter - and then inwardly sprinkling the energy of this memory upon the life of another who is currently facing hardship.