Saturday, January 30, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Feeling the majesty of a fresh new start arising within our experience like the warming rays of morning sunlight, and then willingly turning ourselves toward and into it with the same momentum as a rotating planet.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Fresh start. Realizing that in an infinite universe a brand new opportunity can pop up anywhere. Considering that when something wonderful happens to us, it is because we are a fertile portal for sharing it unconditionally with others. Realizing that rejuvinating lifeforce is not prejudiced - it always, unhesitatingly, rushes toward and into any aspect of creation willing to seed new growth and possibility.

HEART INTENT: New ideas. Remembering that in an infinite universe there are as many ways to perceive something as we allow. Realizing that when we share what inspires us without contemplating profit margins, we immediately receive more. Perceiving each star in the sky as a radiant new insight awaiting to illuminate any darkened corner of our personal universe - then opening our heart to let in as much as we are able to contain. Trusting that when a question arises within us, that the answer is available in the same place.