Wednesday, January 27, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Feeling the truths that 'We are going nowhere without each other' and that 'Heaven is only heaven when everyone is included'.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Relationship. Noticing how everything in our reality needs something else in order to be. Realizing that there are only two types of relationship - responsive and reactive - and that both are necessary for healthy evolution. Remembering with gratitude those who touched our lives for a brief moment - yet whose passing presence changed everything for us forever. Realizing that 'one hand clapping' is no fun to dance to.

HEART INTENT: Resilience. Remembering that no matter what we have been through, or are going through now, that we are still here, now, in this. Contemplating the implications of having absolutely no memory of not being alive. Acknowledging those who believed in us even when we lost faith in ourselves by wishing upon them an unexpected encounter of unfathomable grace. Offering up a prayer of love and appreciation for the indigenous elders who keep the ceremonial fires burning until we grow receptive enough to receive their living songs. Remembering that religion is new, but faith is forever.