Saturday, April 3, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider the possiblility that we repeat every experience we have ever birthed into being until we are able to respond to each one as tenderly as a mother does when presented with her newborn child. Consider that tenderness and integration are interdependent.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Repetition. Consider the unfolding nature of our current human experience not as a linear journey - not as a straight line moving from point A to point B - but rather as an evolving spiral - continually recoiling as if to mirror itself - yet always from a different, expanded 'point of you'. Consider how a spiral continually moves into new territory, yet at the same time, always repeats itself. Consider how different aspects of our own life experience repeat. Consider how this repetition provides us with an opportunity to perceive a different facet of what already is - to see it from an expanded 'point of you' - and so to build consciously upon it from this expanded awareness.

HEART INTENT: Tenderness. Consider the great inner strength required to engage with all dimensions of ourselves, and hence with all life forms, tenderly. Consider the tenderness required for the initial spreading of a butterfly wing or the unfolding of rose petals. Consider how tenderly the cells within our body hold to each other. Consider how tenderly we touch someone's body when we are in love with them. Consider that tenderness is not experienced through thought or understanding, but through the resonance of felt-expression. Consider that the fate of humanity rests now not in how much 'metal' and mentality we engage, but in the extent to which we awaken to the tender capacities of our sacred human heart.