Friday, April 2, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Consider that the simplest way to diminish unnecessary resistance when engaged in personal transformational activity is to keep our mouths shut about what we are up to. Consider that this is why group-driven transformational work hinged on 'talking' and 'discussion' only takes us to the distant borderline of the majestic vistas that quiet, contained, consistent, unspoken individual effort accomplishes.

HEART INTENT: Opposition. Consider opposition as an indicator that we are attempting to change something by engaging with effects, and not through causal impact. Consider opposition as a barometer that we are engaging victim and victor mentality, as opposed to being a vehicle. Consider opposition as a signal that we are behaving reactively, as opposed to responsively. Consider opposition as an indicator that our attention is heavily weighted upon what we want, as opposed to what is required. Consider opposition as an alert that we are using unnecessary force to accomplish something, as opposed to allowing ourselves to being moved within the flow of The Force. Consider opposition as a signal we are insisting something come to fruition prematurely, instead of it ripening organically within its appropriate season. Consider opposition as an invisible hand requesting we stop, be still, quiet, and allow ourselves time to reevaluate our current approach. Consider opposition to be the slow car in front of us deliberately placed there so that we pass through the intersection a few seconds later than the moment in which a collision would have happened. Consider opposition as valid and required. Consider opposition as a veiled blessing and disguised grace. Consider opposition the unexpected teacher of the most valued lesson.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Transformation. Consider that if we seek to transform something about our experience, that our odds of accomplishing this increase exponentially for each moment we engage in transformational activity without telling a Soul what we are up to. Consider that energetically, our talking about 'our personal transformation' looks just like air escaping from a tire, and that our vocalizing our intentions and accomplishments eventually leaves our capacity for self-willed activity flattened and impotent in carrying us forward. Consider that transformation is only authentically accomplished when others comment upon the changes they perceive within our experience without us having to bring their attention to them. Consider that when we announce our intent to transform any aspect of our experience we immediately enlist and attract the energy of resistance and opposition from within all those we tell - that this is because our vocally declared intent to transform immediately awakens within them their awareness of their own resistance to, and past failures experienced when, attempting to tranform. Consider that transformation cannot be accomplished and maintained when it arises out of reactivity. Consider that transformation, to be authentic and irreversible, is to be birthed as a response to ourselves - not as a reaction to others. Consider that the greatest secret about our engaging in personal transformation is to keep it a secret. Consider that if we are not willing to keep it a secret - it is because we are attempting to transform reactively - that we are using transformational activity as a means to garner the attention from others that we ought to be giving to ourselves. Consider that for every moment we engage in transformational activity without announcing what we are up to, we gain an increasing inner strength and capacity that enables us to navigate terrains of experience the sheeple [sheep people] shall never know. Consider that transformation of experience is always, and only, personal. Consider that authentic collective transformation only comes about through quiet, contained, consistent, unspoken personal accomplishment. Consider that this 'secret' is the reason why the masses remain forever unaltered by, unaware of, and visibly disengaged from accomplishing any authentic experiential transformation. Consider therefore that those who encourage 'planetary transformation through collective effort, through collective agreement and discussion, and through group-driven activity', without first emphasising the crucial frequency of personal responsibility, to either be utterly ignorant of what autentic transformation requires, or to be deliberate detractors from its unlimited possibilites.