Sunday, January 17, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Experiencing the peaceful rest that comes from realizing we are always intimately connected to all those we love through the felt-resonance of our heart.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Union. Feeling our heart-connection with someone we love. Experiencing a moment of being fully present, calm, and contented within our physical body. Being at peace with how we feel about ourselves - no matter how we feel about ourselves. Resting in the awareness that 'we already are'.

HEART INTENT: Rest. Bowing to the wisdom of a snug afternoon nap. Honoring the night as fertile ground for transformative dreaming. Giving permission for something deeply unconscious to gently enter the light of our awareness in a manner that is as intriguing as it is illuminating. Allowing a difficult situation to just be, and giving ourselves permission to rest in the face of not being able to do anything about