Saturday, January 16, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Opening a space for intimate communion within our circle of family and friends through the regenerative radiance of spontaneous playfulness.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Regeneration. Allowing ourselves to look into the face of life and to realize it has a smile upon it. Reaping the rewards of patiently allowing circumstances to embrace the experience of ripening. Holding a vision of effortless renewal for that which appears stuck, stranded, or stifled.

HEART INTENT: Playfulness. Bringing the soothing balm of an unexpected smile into the lair of sadness or seriousness. Remembering that "laughter is the medicine we are after". Realizing that playfulness is a portal only possible to enter when traveling light-heartedly. Allowing ourselves to be the court jester within the kingdom of our experience. What does spontaneous laughter feel like?