Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Primary Intent: Perceiving lessons as blessings and obstacles as teachings.

Vibrational Intent: DUALITY. Realize the difference between "this, here, now" and "that, there, then". Feel seperation as an innate desire and invitation for integration. Choosing consciously between polarities as a means to apply and hone discernment.

Heart Intent: NOVEL EXPERIENCES. Giving thanks for the gift, healing, cleansing, and nourishment of "rainy conditions". Perceiving "stormy weather" as an intended point of union between earth and sky, father and mother, matter and spirit, and you and me. Remembering the comfort and protection of home in the face of perceived conflict and chaos. Acknowledging the ecstacy of natural forces and their capacity to awaken, teach, and guide us. Greeting emotional turbulence as being a deliberate and required teacher.