Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Primart Intent: Activity inspired by remembering those who came before us. Honoring the wisdom their lives continue to shower upon us through our creativity.

Vibrational Intent: ACTION: A day for exploring movement, communication, and all manner of self-expression. Establishing and honoring pathways of comminication between us and those who are not currently visible within our experience. Honoring all feelings of restlessness as being inspired calls to fruitful activity.

Heart Intent: GUIDANCE OF OUR ANCESTORS. Contemplate the significance of the sun as being our greatest ancestor. Feeling grateful for the suns unconditional radiating of light and creativity into our experience. Perceiving singing, dancing and all manner of performance as being an active means to express the beauty of light upon the earth. Using artful means to communicate ancient truths shared with us by those who came before. Being open to integrate unfulfilled expectations and disappointments. Making corrections to our current course through simplification of our activities.