Monday, January 11, 2010


Primary Intent: Inviting in the felt-experiece of flexibility and fluidity.

Vibrational Intent: JUSTICE. Seeing something as it 'just is' - as what it is, as opposed to what we want it to be. Realizing harmony and balance through recognizing our experiences as being valid 'just as they are'. Being open to receiving felt-evidence that everything is unfolding exactly as intended.

Heart Intent: INSTINCTUAL CONNECTION. Acknowledging our sensual and dramatic side. Inviting our earth-bound tendencies to embrace heavenly aspiriations. Expanding our felt-heart-awareness through a sincere moment of unconditional service to another. Manifesting justice within our experience through aligning our sense of authority with our felt-awareness of truth. Being adaptable and fluid in moments of unexpected pressure. Gently integrating anger that arises through feeling blocked, stuck, or confined. What does it feel like to be fluid?