Saturday, January 23, 2010


PRIMARY INTENT: Inviting in the felt-awareness that there is a breath-taking difference between what we truly are, and the ever-changing experience we are currently having.

VIBRATIONAL INTENT: Home. Taking a moment to look around the space in which we live, and giving thanks for how it supports us. Showing gratitude to the sentient beings - like cats and dogs - who keep love flowing through our heart in times when the world feels empty. Spending a few moments nurturing the plants that beautify our space and nourish our bodies.

HEART INTENT: Presence. Being grateful for having crossed paths with those who took the time to truly see us - and sending them a prayerful blessing of unexpected good fortune. Sitting quietly for a moment and allowing the radiance of our beingness to be enough. Realizing that "everything comes to pass", except for what is truly of value. Remembering that ecstatic feeling of being in love that erupted within us before we even knew what sex was.